Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Piranha Double D.

Ever since I started working, going out on weeknights is a definite no-no. But yesterday, I made my rare appearance because I was bored at home and plus, I missed my friends. So I thought, why not.

And so we watched Piranha 3DD.. Haa.. I knew the movie was cheesy but seriously, cheesy got to a whole new level.

Blood? Check. 
Evil ugly fishies? Check.
Some x-rated sex scenes (thank God for our censorship board! If not, it is going to be damn uncomfortable watching those horrible sex scenes in the cinema!)? Check.
Half naked women running around? Check.
Cheesy lines? Check.
Awkward kissing moments? Check.

And the cheesiest of em all....

David Hasselhoff!

Haa.. I can take the whole gory, blood splattering, evil-fish-eat-people thing but The Hoff in Piranha 3DD? This is waaayyy too much. And, to top it off, The Hoff even ran Baywatch style - you know, running on the beach really, really slowly?

Awkwaaaardddd *crickets criketting*

To top it off, the mother of all "eeew" moments has go to be: The Hoff's jiggly boobies. Yes, jiggly boobies. No matter how hard a man tries, old age WILL give men boobies. You want proof? Watch Piranha 3DD.

Apart from those human eating evil fish, I would say the second star of the movie has got to be those boobies running freely. After all, Piranha 3DD IS about those double Ds...and apparently, Mr Hoff's too. 



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