Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dear Diary,

A few weeks ago, I read Anne Frank's book, The Diary Of A Young Girl and it got me inspired to write my own diary.

During my teen years, I was an avid diary writer and wrote almost everyday, documenting my feelings. It has been six years since I last wrote in a diary so after reading Anne Frank's book, I suddenly felt inspired.

Anyway, The Diary Of A Young Girl was such an inspiring book. It's about Anne Frank, a Jewish girl living in Holland during the Nazi occupation time. After her sister, Margot received a call up notice to report to a work camp, her family flew into hiding. After hiding for about two years (1942-1944), the Gestapo found the family and sent them to different concentration camps. Sadly, Anne Frank died of typhus.

I marveled at Anne Frank's words, so innocent yet so complex. Having the chance to dive in this wonderful teenager's mind was a truly humbling experience. So, after I finished reading the book, I quickly raked through my cupboard and found my old diary, written from the year 2005 - 2006.

Well, my diary was nothing like Anne Frank (though it had some similar features - her diary cover was checkered red and mine was checkered pink) as it was clearly written by a very hormonal teenage Aleza.

When adult Aleza read teenage Aleza's diary, adult Aleza felt very, very icky.  I could not help but laugh and skipped so many pages because I could not bear reading hormonal Aleza's thoughts and feelings. Like I said, very, very icky.

Here's Anne Frank:

Image taken from www.annefrank.org


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