Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fifty five.

We thought it was impossible.

We thought we couldn't make it.

But, against all odds, we did.

We actually woke up early to celebrate our country's 55th Merdeka Day (Independence Day).

The day started really early, with me waking up at 6am. "So, what's the big deal with waking up early?," I hear you say. Well, let me explain. My friends and I have always been night people. We don't wake up early to go out. If we did, it would have to be something really, really important. Even going out at noon is too early for us! As long as I have known these girls, I have seldom eaten breakfast with them.. or even lunch!

It's always dinner. And well, supper.

(Yes, Malaysia has restaurants that open 24 hours!!)

Why would we go out during the day? It's so hot and like one of my girlfriends said, we would have to wear nice clothes. Haha. At least at night we get to wear tshirts and slippers! 

One day, my girlfriend said that instead of always celebrating the night before Merdeka (we usually go to malls or the city to watch fireworks), why not we go to the morning parade at Merdeka Square? I have never been to the Merdeka parade before, and so I thought sure! Why not!  

That's us, the proud flag holders. Each of us got free flags cos they were giving out free flags for everybody! 

 My friend even painted her face! (She became some sort of a celebrity that day - people were taking pictures of her and we, me and her even got interviewed!) How exciting!

Don't you find men in uniforms kind of....macho? LOL :) :)

There's no place like KL. I love KL so much, I got sucked into buying that I LOVE KL t-shirt - which I have no regrets. I absolutely love the tshirt! KL boasts with beautiful buildings, nightlife (though me and my girlfriends' nightlife consists on watching movies and hanging out in mamak stalls) and also FOOD! You could actually find food even at 3 o'clock in the morning! Yummss.. I don't think you can actually go hungry in Malaysia, there are loads of food stalls you can find just about everywhere. You want Malay food? Check. You want Chinese food? Check. You want Indian food? Check. You want Arab food? Check. Everything is here and oh so near.

If you ever visit KL, go visit Kuala Lumpur City Gallery. You get to see KL's history, the models of the buildings and of course, you can find loads of amazing souvenirs. I never knew there was a KL City Gallery since we stumbled upon this by accident. After taking pictures at that I LOVE KL sign, we went into the gallery (we didn't know we could actually go in there - and it was free!) Plus, the weather was blasting hot and we needed the air cond, badly.

Oh, and if you come to KL please visit the Petronas Twin Towers (it's the tallest building from the year 1998 til 2004) and go eat Sate Kajang Haji Samuri. I don't think I can list down every single thing you have to do in KL here in this post - I might have to write a new post on this. Hehee.

31st August 2012: Happy 55th Independence Day, fellow Malaysians! 

Proud Malaysian,

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