Monday, February 4, 2013

Zombies... in Malaysia?

Imagine this: You're walking on an empty pathway in the jungle, all alone.

As you walk, you realize something is lurking behind those bushes and trees.

You're curiosity is kicking in. What's behind that?

Then you see a man, from behind. You want to ask him for help but.. when he turns, you're horrified. He doesn't look right - his face is bloody, as if infected with some kind of horrible disease, has dead eyes and that's when you realize that he's not all human, that he's a zombie!

Well, that's what I felt when I joined Malaysia's first ever Zombie Run Malaysia 2013 last Saturday (2nd February)! I knew about this when a friend of mine posted on Facebook. I clicked on it and thought, wow, I just have to join this!

The run was something like Run For Your Lives held in the US last year. At that point, I wished that Malaysia would organize something like this and they actually did it!

I quickly gathered my teammates - my friend, Syaheeda, Syaheeda's friend, Sharyl, my colleague, Sharon and Sharon's friend, Wan (he was the only dude and of course, team captain lolz). The objective of the run was to get 5 tokens at each zone within 45 minutes. Groups with all five tokens with no casualties win the grand prize.

Well, our group did pretty well (I guess?). We got 2 tokens but suffered 3 casualties - ME, Sharon and Sharyl! Hahaa. Eventhough I got "eaten" (the zombies' mission was to take the lifestrap at the back of our vest), shoe-less at one point, fell and the wristlet I was carrying fell out from my pants, I had fun big time. Tried to run away from the zombies but my energy was so low, I crashed. That's when that red tshirt zombie got me. Arrrr.

All in all, I survived for 15 minutes. But that's okay, I expected only 5 minutes since I am not at all athletic. Haa. So, kudos to me *pats myself on the back*

The zombies looked really awesome. The organizers did a fascinating job, with their makeup and stuffs. There was a zombie bride, zombie Chucky, zombie witch doctor, zombie komando, zombie with baju kurung and more! Definitely and amazing, amazing experience!

Anyway, here are some of the pictures I took...

Us before the race.

Fresh meat hanging around, waiting to be eaten.

Took this right after I got killed. The Walking Dead for reals.

Zombies lair.

Would definitely join next year. Bravo to the organizers and bravo to the survivors! 

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