Monday, April 29, 2013

An addiction matter.

 Candy Crush Saga

Hi everyone, I'm AleO. and I'm a Candy Crusholic.

My addiction started about a month ago when I saw my colleague playing Candy Crush Saga in the office. By that time, I knew what it was from the frequent posts in Facebook but I wasn't interested. Yet.

All of that changed when I downloaded the app in my phone.

What started as an innocent trial thing turned into an ugly addiction.

At first glance, the game seemed pretty easy and innocent - with colourful candies, cute, inviting music and those delicious sound of candies crushing, I was hooked instantaneously. I just loved hearing the Candy Man's voice saying "Delicious!", "Sweet!", "Divine!" and of course, the ever anticipated "Sugar Rush!"

The relief of completing a level (especially the hard ones) is unexplainable - it's like a mixture of happiness, relief and YES, I'VE DONE IT all at the same time. A big sigh of relief - and maybe a tinge of cockiness knowing that you scored the highest amongst your friends in Facebook.

I even like the sound of saying "Candy Crush" out loud. (Come on, try it! It sounds delicious and sweet, don't you think?)

Ever since Candy Crush Saga came into my life, I see candies dancing everywhere. When I'm not on it, I see them dancing in my brain, even when I'm hanging out with friends - I'll sit quietly and think about those deliciously annoying candies, plotting my next move. "I'll get you, I'll get you!"

I also avoid looking at the animated crying little girl whenever "Level Failed"
As of now, in the office, with tonnes of work on my desk, all I can think about is Candy Crush Saga. My heart is pumping fast and all I can think about is getting pass level 133. I try to avoid playing on my phone in the office because it will drain the heck out of the battery so I'll play it on the computer. (Fast tip: if you run out of lives in your phone, your life is still full in the computer. But I'm pretty sure you know about this already, don't you?)

My friends suggested I check myself in the Candy Crush Rehabilitation Centre but I'm just not ready yet. I'm pretty sure if I check myself in, I'll check myself out after a few days (or maybe a day?) - the LiLo of the Candy Crush world. Instead, I've come here, in the Candy Crush Anonymous Support Group.

What seemed like a happy place full of bright, colourful and delicious candies has turned into a dark candy forest with evil chocolates and candy "move" bombs. I am still waiting to crawl out of this candy darkness that I, myself am not ready to embark, yet. 

Bring it on, level 133. Bring it on.

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