Thursday, April 25, 2013

Of Bindi and Robert Irwin, the Wildlife Warriors

Last week, I had the chance to meet and interview a wonderful young lady by the name of Bindi Irwin. If you're familiar with the name, she's the daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin.

I didn't know what to expect when I got my assignment - I even thought she was still the seven year old little girl who spoke on her late father's memorial. But she wasn't anymore. Instead, she's grown into a teenager now. A 14 year old teenager.

To be honest, I was quite surprised at how grown up she was when I saw her picture on the event invitation. Wow. Time really flies. It seems like only yesterday Steve Irwin left us.

Well, it was seven years ago (can you believe it?).

Bindi came with her mother, Terri and younger brother, Robert. I was quite surprised at how alike Robert is with his dad. They have the same blonde hair, eyes and mouth - with the exception of the hair (Robert's hair is quite straight and Steve was kinda curly). I even felt a tinge of sadness knowing that Steve was not there, they seem somewhat incomplete without the Crocodile Hunter himself.

So anyway, I got the chance to interview both of the Irwin kids and let me tell you, they were so matured and so poised. Even young Robert, who's only 9. Sure he's still a kid (he even spaced out when people interviewed Bindi), but when it was his turn to answer them, he answered it like a pro.

And Bindi was just lovely and smart. She was so enthusiastic (Robert too - reminded me of their dad) and lively. We (well, me mostly, I didn't know about the others) were even taken aback when she asked us what was our favourite animal at the start of the interview (She said that it's a great way to know what kind of a person you are by knowing your favourite animal) - definitely a great ice breaking session because I was feeling a bit nervous (yess, journos get nervous too you know! We hide behind smiles and questions but deep inside, we get nervous. Well, I get nervous. I don't know about the others.) Because I didn't see the question coming (and because I was the first one to answer - there were four of us, like a mini group interview), I answered the first animal that popped in my head - Lion. Why? she asked. I said the lion's really majestic.

When I thought about it, as much as I like lions, I like sharks more. The great white shark, to be exact. There's something about them that's so majestic and strong. They're so graceful and so, so beautiful. Even the sight of them can make someone weak to their knees and they look so respected. It's heartbreaking that the great white is close to extinction. Such beautiful creatures, killed for their fins. Ever since I watched how they cut off their fins, I have banned all shark made products - mainly shark's fins. STOP EATING THEM. PERIOD.

I even got the chance to ask her about the article she wrote for Hilary Clinton's e-journal on conservation. She wrote about overpopulation and the article was heavily edited. You can read the original and edited article here. It's pretty interesting, knowing that it was written by a teenager.

I had fun interviewing them - definitely a highlight. Plus, it's not everyday I get to meet the Crocodile Hunter's family. Great kids, and hope they would be great adults too!

The Irwin family


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