Monday, May 27, 2013


Tis the time to be jolly and merry again!

For the magazine has been sent to print and I am a free woman!

Well.. At least until my chief editor hands me more assignments for July.

But still!

Lately, I have been having trouble with sleeping on time. I think me playing Candy Crush and watching Youtube videos are huge parts of me sleeping late. So every morning, I will have difficulties waking up to work. And right now, I feel so, so sleepy.

But I can assure you, when I go home, I won't sleep. I'll watch tv, read a book, Candy Crush, Facebook, Youtube, etc..

Well you get the idea.

Damn these technologies. They are robbing me out of my sleep!

But then again, no technologies mean no Candy Crush or Youtube or even Facebook.

Well. Til next time.

With that, I leave you with this really, really cool song and video I simply cannot get enough of. Robin Thicke and Pharell in one song? And T.I too? Genius.

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