Monday, July 22, 2013

My Ramadan story

The holy month of Ramadan has come to greet us all again.

It has been two weeks since I started fasting. So far, so good, thank god. I don't feel too grumpy as I don't feel too tired, hungry or thirsty. Another half a month to go..

Anyway, I think the energy I have has got to be because of the dates I have been eating during Suhoor. I wasn't really a fan of dates (I didn't like the taste and texture) but after reading about all of its benefits, I decided to give it a try.

I started with nibbling a small date. Bit by bit, the taste started to grow in me. The sweet taste and chewy texture were not that bad after all. Everyday, during Suhoor I will make a point to eat at least three dates - enough to keep me energized throughout the day! In fact, that day, I was able to finish up two articles in one day. Given the fact that I did not eat or drink the whole day, I still managed to finish up my work fast. Wehoo.

You know why? It's because of the dates! So don't forget to have a date during Suhoor, okay? *geddit? geddit?* Horrible pun, I know.

Anyway, I always believe that it's mind over matter when it comes to fasting. Sure, food is important during Suhoor (Heavy meal is importante to keep you energized!) but really, it's the mind. When your mind is strong, you can do whatever you want. Heck, some don't even wake up for Suhoor and they can still fast the whole day! I've never tried that before though..

Which reminds me of the time when my Chief Editor and I went to an assignment during last year's Ramadan. After we were done with the spa session (I had to write a review on the spa and was treated to a one hour of self pampering session), we were brought to this room to have lunch. Since I was fasting, my Chief Editor, who was a non Muslim, ordered Fish and Chips. I think she didn't feel comfortable eating in front of a fasting person so she asked me to join her. I politely declined (repeated declined more like it!) her offer even though the smell of that Fish and Chips was like heaven to my nose. Not only that, she was drinking a cup of cold orange juice. By that time, my throat was salivating for some sweet liquid goodness. I think at one point I even starred at the orange juice with my mouth slightly opened. Haha. Huh.. what a test! Temptations, temptations but I held my ground and said NO! :D

Plus, I really believe you have to start young to fast. When I say start young, I don't mean by forcing them kids but start slow, let them get the fasting vibe. For me, I started fasting when I was 5. I didn't fast the whole day though (that was impossible!) at that time but I started with half a day. I remember as a little girl, waking up for Suhoor was an exciting time - parents woke us up, food on the dining table, the clanking of plates and glasses, the morning cold air.. Plus, it was even exciting to see my sister and brothers' sleepy faces eating during Suhoor. All of them had grouchy faces and my brother, who was still a teenager even fell asleep when he was eating. Haha.

And me, being the small little girl observed them with my very inquisitive eyes. Eventhough I was sleepy, I woke up (when I can) to eat on the dining table, with my family and fasted during the day. Well, I fasted up until noon but still, I tried!  As I get older, my body started to get stronger and slowly, one month passed easily. And, not to forget, the rewards of fasting! For a little girl, rewards for fasting has got to be the ringgit earned. RM 1 = one full day of fasting. So if fasted for 5 days, I earned RM5!

Ohh the joys of being a little girl..

Well, anyway, it's already 3.21pm. 4 hours plus to go! I wonder what's for iftar? *grumbling tummy*

Bye-bye and have a blessed Ramadan, everybody!


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